Our Services

First-class customer service delivered at a price that makes sense. We want to be your partner. A partner that is dedicated, educated and willing to take the time with you. As a partner we are your confidant, trusted advocate and your sounding board and as such we will collaborate with you to customize strategies and solutions that will save you money and minimize your overall tax liability. 

Personal Tax

Having a solid strategy when it comes to your personal income taxes is crucial. The financial decisions you make have an impact on your taxes which is why effective tax management is important for successfully managing your wealth. Our goal is to help you explore and evaluate tax-saving opportunities in order to provide the most appropriate plan for your situation. Utilizing our multidisciplinary expertise, we take the time to develop customized guidance so your tax strategy works in unison with other components of your financial lifestyle and circumstances.

Business Tax
We continuously discover that business owners are really quite enjoyable to get to know. And as we have found, many share the same challenges including maintaining positive cash flow, keeping expenses down and elevating profit in product and services to name a few. Running a successful business in any industry is a daunting proposition today. The onus is upon tax professionals to create effective solutions to minimize your tax burden. We work with multiple taxing authorities from payroll and property tax to local, state and federal tax to identifying tax issues and solutions for you and your business.

CFO Outsourcing
Our CFO Outsourcing service provides knowledgeable and unique financial guidance to meet the challenges business owners face without the cost of hiring a full-time CFO. Having access to executive-level CFO skills and experience can provide your business with financial leadership and insights that can help you take your business to the next level. 

Estate & Gift Planning
Bequeathing an estate to family members, charities or an educational institution is a cherished tradition in U.S. business and society. The road can be tricky, however, given the changing tide of tax legislation in this area. We partner with several local attorneys to map out estate tax ramifications for various plans and areas.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions can be a pivotal means to support growth strategies. Organic growth is nice, but growing your company by leaps and bounds - courtesy of purchasing an industry competitor or distressed company - can achieve the same results. There are numerous options and processes to explore in regards to potential mergers and acquisitions.